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Thank you for your interest in PHMS.


PHMS is a professional and efficient scouting tool for handball competition. In 2000, PHMS 3.0 was approved by the council of IHF and it became the official system of IHF afterwards.

PHMS can either be operated by one person for a training match of the smallest scale, or meet the top scale demand of World Championship, which is the world’s highest level usually held in different cities, through reasonable facilities, lowest budget, fewest hands and easiest approach of operation, Please enjoy yourself with operating this miracle PHMS.

Your feedback is very important to us. Please send your comment and remarks to us, let us know what PHMS helped you, or alert us to a problem.

Pictorial Handball Match Statistics, which is based on the latest on-the-spot recording theory, programmed in Delphi, C++ and Crystal Report 9.0 languages, is developed by the Chinese Handball Association.

This System has the following advantages and characteristics:

Easy to operate: Instead of using code input, what the operator needs to do is just point and click, that is, on-the-spot match data are recorded with the mouse and on the pictorial interface, thus the system successfully breaks the bottleneck of speed limit for inputting large quantity of data. Operators need not memorize any data code and people with some handball knowledge can learn to use the system without much difficulty or training.

Highly automatic and intelligent: With the technology of automation and intelligence applied in data input, the system can use the preset logic algorithm and relevant parameters to create and transform pictorial data automatically. Automation and intelligence in the process of recording greatly decreases the labor quantity and intensity of the operators.

Powerful in error correction: The system has the powerful function of correcting errors in data inputting. During the on-the-spot recording, operators have to remain concentrative on the fast progress and many changes in the ongoing match, and thus are prone to make mistakes. The flexible functions of error correction and audio notice are set in the system. In the recording of complex data, the later inputted data will replace the former accordant items till the concerned record completed. This function provides the operator with much convenience and makes rectification very easy.

Large in capacity: Match statistics are presented in the pictorial form for the first time in handball, which can directly and clearly reflect the whole match process. This system can print out more than 50 sorts of match reports either in table or pictorial form right after the match; therefore it can be applied to professional or amateur matches of all kinds and is thus able to meet the needs of any respects to the greatest extent.

Real time data transmit: With its specific interface, PHMS can simultaneously transmit real time data to the scoreboard in the playing hall, Internet and TV live broadcast. People in the hall or far away from the playing venue could enjoy the real time information generated by PHMS. Something to keep in mind: At present, what could be download from the website is the main part of PHMS itself and the data packs of various tournaments. The modules of Timer, scoreboard displayer, Internet and TV interface are optional.